Oh no! First off, you will probably be met with the answer that only the one who send it can request a research as to why your parcel hasn't arrived. But don't worry! Please just write us an e-mail either containing your order number or address, and rest assured that we will do everything possible to ensure your package is found and brought to you ASAP. We're bound by the options that are given to us by the company that takes care of your shipment at that very moment, but we'll make all needed calls to find out what happened and keep you informed on highest priority. We're able to communicate on English, German and Dutch to work with several posting services all around the globe and so far, every pair of Pawsies has been delivered to their new owners!
First off, I'm sorry you have to wait for your Pawsies this long! We're always doing what's possible to ensure you're receiving your order ASAP, but with mostly one, sometimes two people working on every order coming in, orders can sadly be delayed a bit. And since the start of the COVID19-pandemic, our raw materials are often delivered in a way slower pace than what we initially worked with. You can however always inquire via e-mail! And we will get back to you within the same week to ensure you're met with any needed answer, current estimates and maybe even a delivery note if all things line up well enough. Our current rough estimate on regular custom orders is 2-3 weeks before they're being posted. If you've chosen the tracked shipping option, you will be notified right after postage. You may later receive an e-mail stating that we finished your order, but this can happen quite a while after the actual posting date. We're slowly closing a finished order whenever we have the time to track it within our system.   Through the pandemic, our custom orders may however sadly take up to 6 weeks at times, and we can't get a good estimate on that due to varying stock options regarding our raw materials. And with the amount of orders we luckily may deal with, not everyone can be met with an e-mail notification about that. 🙁 We're very sorry about this and striving to find a better solution even while you're reading this FAQ.
If they have been ordered at least in the first two weeks of December, your pawsies will still be produced and sent on their way. However, from the third week of December until the second week of January, no production is happening. We will however of course tend to your customs ASAP after that brief period of time.
Your size can be easily determined by a few factors:
  • Your shoe size
  • Your pant size (for thigh highs)
  • Your height (for thigh highs: size up +1 if you're taller than 180cm, size down if you're smaller than 160cm)
  • Your circumference (your upper thigh circumference: either by tape or for example with a string softly laid around your thigh)
  • Our additional cheat sheet on sizes:  found here
In fact: Yes! PawsySocks actually happened because we wanted to have thigh high socks with paws, but would never fit into the one-sized versions due to, you guessed it, lipedema. So we're right with you on that! Additionally, we made socks for a wider range of sizes happen as well. Since restrictive clothing is often very uncomfortable when your legs regularly hurt, our Pawsies are non-stay thigh highs. They will need a garter belt or some makeup glue/tape to stay in place. But this way, they won't put pressure on a specific spot and you'll be able to enjoy your new PawsySocks without remorse!
The feline design is right now the by far most wanted one. But we still love all paws, no matter which. It's our goal to include various versions no matter their sales number in the future!
Past releases include:
  • PAWRANORMAL (Halloween release)
Planned releases are:
  • PAWEMBER (November/December Winter release)
If you'd love to see a specific kind of release, feel free to message us. We'll try to make it happen!
"PawsySocks" is a design brand made by "Faehe Project". As such, it is a part of the small advertisement agency based in Germany. As long as you're directly buying from "PawsySocks", you are directly supporting the creator behind the brand.
That's awesome! We love to see our paws on your pictures! Honestly, that's the best thing ever! Just E-Mail us your pictures and/or tag us on Instagram and we would love to share them. You choose if we tag you. Seeing your happy pawsies always makes our day! :3
Sadly, we had to recognize this as a common problem in Firefox/Waterfox and some other smaller browsers. Don't worry if the zoomed item picture gets stuck on the right for a moment. Simply either hover over the item picture again, or click on another item picture within the same item. Or reload the page, if even that doesn't help. The zoomed overlay will disappear and stop being stuck. We have not found a way to fix this yet, so please bear with us and stay pawsitive!
You want your socks to arrive safely and we want the same! Tracked shipping is usually insured and the safest option available. That's why we only offer tracked shipping at the moment. If you want your socks without tracking, kindly E-Mail us, we will make up a special order for you.
Unlike a delivery time, processing time is the time we need to ready your order and ship it.   Delivery times vary:
  • Germany: usually 1-3 days
  • European Union: usually 3-8 days
  • Rest of the world: usually 7-18 days
If you want express shipping, please contact us before ordering. We'll be able to figure something out.
You may either wait for it to restock or you can ask for a custom via E-Mail or Instagram and we'll see what can be done. Please take into consideration that some items can eventually not be remade, due to materials or other limitations.
Due to the nature of some items, not every item can be returned. Exceptions to returns are:
  • Socks
  • Stickers
Other returned items need to be unworn, unused, originally packed and unopened to be eligible for a refund or exchange. Please note that we can only cover the shipping costs of the return for orders located in Germany. If you want to return your item, E-Mail us first, stating the reason of your refund. And if you are located in Germany, you will receive a prepaid return label for your return as an answer to your E-Mail.   If the return is exchangeable and an exchange is wanted, the shipping costs for the exchange need to be covered 50/50 by the buyer and seller. Otherwise, a refund excluding the shipping costs will be made using the payment method used while ordering the item.
Oh my, that's sad. Thank you for telling us! First of all we want to let you know, that we do our best to ensure a safe delivery! Still, if there are issues, care to E-Mail us! Please attach a picture of the package or damage and tell us what happened. If a postman tries to hand over a package that is clearly damaged, you can always tell them you won't take it. That way, your paws will be sent back. And if we can, we fix them or send out new ones. In that case, also mail us and tell us that they are on their way back. Sometimes, in very rare cases, you might notice damages from playing. You can always also message us about them. If we see that the material has done something it's not supposed to do, we will find a solution. Other then that, we ask you to treat your socks with care. Even though we offer high quality materials, they are still nylon socks, so they might rip or tear. We sadly can't do anything about damages from careless wear. Please always remember that socks last longer if you treat them, but also yourself, with care!
If you combined a pre-order item and instant shipping items, your instant shipping items will be sent out immediately and the pre-order will be sent when it's due. At no extra costs. If you combined made to order items and instant shipping items, either include your preferred combination in a note or you'll get an e-mail from us to ask you how you would like it to be done. If you combined all three however, this still applies but the pre-order might be sent out separately later. IF you didn't ask for anything else within the note in your order.
Try to check in after an hour again. If you left your cart during your order and didn't complete it on the same site within an hour, the system stops blocking your item. We made sure to include a 30-minute item reservation as soon as you're in the process of ordering it, to make sure there are no issues with double orders on single items.
We either ship via a tracked letter or via DHL. If you prefer another shipping service, kindly contact us at mail@pawsysocks.shop before you order!
Usually, they can be made within a week. The last production step, printing them, usually takes around 2 or 3 minutes.   The initial preparation needs more time. There is a lot of "figuring out shapes", "print sizes", "print techniques" and "making samples", as well as testing them. We wear, tear and wash them before we actually offer them in our shop. Overall, the time it takes to get to your perfect pair of pawsies is not really measurable. But that's fine, we love our job and we love our pawsies!
You are able to pay via PayPal, or via your credit card. You don't have PayPal? As long as you have a credit card, you'll be able to pay via PayPal. You don't need an account for that!
Some items you may come across, have all caps titles at the start of their name. These items are from a specific release and follow a specific design fitting that release. (PAWRANORMAL, PAWEMBER etc.) Past releases can be remade as a custom at times, but some paw types require a specific material that we only had one time and which won't be restocked. Sold out variations of our past releases will be stored in our "To be restocked (Archive)" corner.
Those are the structures we offer on our paw pads.
  • Medium Floof This refers to a paw pad that is soft to the touch. We use "medium floof", because compared to other floof types, the "fur" or "floof" is rather short. This prevents them from easily catching dust. Sadly, the soft touch still comes at the price of soiling easily. So you might still want to wear them in clean environments and be careful with them.
  • Glitter This refers to a smooth sometimes a bit gummy-ish paw pad. The glitter sticks to a special adhesive base and creates a rough but glittery surface. Due to that, the glitter doesn't get lost upon washing the socks, but it might be too rough on other nylons or similar fabrics, so we recommend not sliding it over fabrics that can be easily damaged.
  • Artsy These prints come in various colors where every paw is a one of a kind paw from a special printed smooth material. They are smooth pads, but with a very unique print to them. These paws can not be remade to be exactly the same as another existing pair.
  • Smooth This refers to a smooth bright colored paw pad, that is made to last. The surface doesn't catch on dirt and doesn't soil easily. It stays colorful after a lot of washes and it's easy to take care of. Recommended for households with pets for example, since the dirt doesn't quite stick to the pads.
If you're unsure what to choose, feel free to E-Mail us and we'll love to help you out and find the right type of beans for your feet!
Pre-orders are items or item combinations that can be ordered until a specific date and will be made after the latest pre-order date. They usually take about 3-4 weeks to be made. Since a lot of them are collaborations with other high quality shops, the processing time might differ. The individual processing time for pre-orders is always stated within the item description. If you're unsure whether your order will arrive until a certain date, feel free to message us.
Most of our socks in our shop are ready made or stocked in specific combinations. That way, we can ensure a fast delivery for everyone. If you didn't find your perfect pair yet, you can however buy a custom slot. That way, you can fully customize your paws within our options. If you want something specific that is not listed as an option, E-Mail us before ordering. We cannot always make your dreams come true, but we will certainly try our hardest!
We choose the pre-order paw types according to what matches the current combo. You can always e-mail us or send us a message via Instagram if you want to pre-order the same set with another paw type. We will fix up an option to order it for you!
We can't do gradients if the material isn't listed in our smooth colors section. But we can do mixed paws, lice calico paw designs. You can basically ask us to make every part of your paw, thus every bean, another color. But since those things are hard to do, we ask you to send us an e-mail with your ideal paw idea and we'll look up how much time it'll take. Usually, this comes at an extra cost of +1€ per additional color within one paw. We also do mismatched paw designs. In that case, no extra fee applies as long as the paw pads themselves are done in only one color.
Although they are probably as cute as the real deal, no animals where hurt in the process. So they are cruelty free.   All pawsies are made of nylon. Nylon is a fully synthetic material that stretches very well and can be weaved quite thick to withstand a great deal of stuff.   The pads are made out of "flex" or "flock" materials. These are a combination of color pigments, synthetic fibers(floof) and synthetic glue. They are cut and applied by hand under great heat. (Around 180°C/356°F)   So: Apart from the person making them, as well as the people in the factory (inside the European Union) making the raw socks, no animals are needed or used in the process of making your pawsies!   They are vegan. We do, however, not recommend eating them.
While we do offer a wide variety of paw types, we can't always have all of them in stock as instant shipping items. In this case, you can always ask for them to be included in the next release, or pick a custom slot with your preferred type of paw. (Or e-mail us and have your own design made to your tastes!) In any way, we do still offer all the design possibilities. It's just not always a stocked option.