PawsySocks offers a variety of sock types, for a variety of people. We don’t rule out petite or voluptuous frames, we engage them and have found a solution for nearly any type of body.

Our forte: Thigh High Garter Socks

Wear with garters, garter belt, fashion tape or similar glue. These thigh highs don’t stay up on their own, to fit every body type in a sexy way.

40 denier semi transparent long lasting weave. This ensures a bright lovely color.

Sizes: S-XL
Fits every shoe size. Top stretches comfortably around 80cm/30inch circumference. This sock stretches both ways, so if you’re a queen or king size, we recommend these also instead of overknee- or knee high socks.

Fits every(!) shoe size!

The all-time favorite: Overknee Socks

Wear with garters, or without. Can be secured with fashion tape or similar glue.

60 denier extra thick, long lasting weave. Less transparent for a longer stay.

Sizes: Onesize
These socks usually fit comfortably on XS-L. But we recommend thigh high socks for L+ in combination with fashion tape, to ensure they won’t roll.

For shoe sizes up to EU 42.

Easy stay: Knee Socks

Extra thick at the top to stay and last!

60 denier, long lasting weave. Bright vibrant colors for jumps and giggles!

One size, for XS-L comfortably. XL might fit as well, but we recommend picking overknee socks instead and wear them as comfortable knee socks.

For shoe sizes up to EU 42.

Short and funky: Ankle Socks

Extra thick at the top to stay and last!

40-60 denier, combo weave to hug your ankle but leave room for your paws.

These either come in a few cute colors OR limited punk net editions!

For shoe sizes up to EU 42.


All pawsies are machine washable at 30°C/86°F. Best wash them turned inside out and give them a good rub outside of the machine if they got soiled. (This is recommended on floofy paws for example.)

Don’t use too rough or strong detergents. If you’re unsure, wash them by hand. Stronger detergents can cause the nylon and paw to break, or become easier to break.

Don’t bathe in alcohol! No we don’t think you do, but strong alcohol may cause the paw pads to come off and they can’t be reattached after this happened. 🙁

Also: Don’t iron your socks! Don’t worry, they will be smooth and nice on your legs at any time. But ironing them can cause the synthetic fibers to melt and can ultimately damage your paws.